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Love Drives Destiny

March 27, 2011 — Leave a comment

I my opinion, when some people think about the word destiny they are imagining something of fantasy. Some made up word that really only lives in the lives of the characters of the silver screen. Something only Hollywood can make come to pass. Something they think has no bearing on their life or the lives of those around them. But, they couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The funny part is, I think everyone believes in destiny whether or not they call by that name or not. Who doesn’t have that longing desire to be bigger than oneself, or that feeling that you were made for something beyond just an average life. Recognizing those little feelings in your gut, lets you know you have a purpose and keeps you moving forward.

Those feelings are all there for a reason, because thats the way we were designed. There is that little spark in all of us that desires to be more like Him. I’m pretty sure you know its there, just like I do. You can feel it swelling in your chest when you are moving in the right direction. You can feel it when you take the step down the right path, and when you do, it grows even more. Eventually the spark becomes desire, the desire becomes a hunger, the hunger becomes a calling, a calling turns to a life that is longing for more than just settling. A life, that when tapped into, can change the world.

I believe all this stems from love. Our desire to love and to be loved…and why not….we were made out of love. Love springs from that spark that is inside all of us. Like I said, we all have it, every living breathing soul has it, because thats the way He designed us. Young and old, black and white, Christian and Islamist, and yes even atheists and agnostics.. Whether they choose to embrace it or ignore it, its there. They can’t escape it.

We were designed in His image according to Genesis, so how could be we anything different. How could we not want to just simply love? Isn’t that what the cross ultimately was all about? The ultimate display of One’s true love… To give up One’s own life so that we could be redeemed ourselves. Personally, I think the ramifications of this are so deep, so out there that most people, I’ll even venture to say most Christians, don’t fully understand this. I mean if you as a believer, a whole hearted, unconditional follower can meditate on this for any length of time and not just break down and be moved by it, I don’t think you have fully comprehended the magnitude of his love and the sacrifice He gave through Calvary.

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"Never underestimate the determination of a quiet man." -IDS

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"Never underestimate the determination of a quiet man." -IDS

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